COVID-19 Hospice Vaughan’s Prevention and Preparations 


To view changes to our programs and services and issued statement (current as of March 17th 7:00PM) please CLICK HERE

Hospice Vaughan’s priority is the health and well-being of our community. We have monitored daily, the development of the COVID-19 pandemic and the recommendations issued by the World Health Organization (WHO) and Center for Disease Control (CDC) along with Public Health Ontario, and our own community health partners.

In response to recent updates, Hospice Vaughan will implement changes to our daily operations. We will be limiting traffic inside our facility and outside into the community as a precaution. There will be a temporary hold on all on-site programs and services, and we will be working to offer alternative solutions through telephone or virtual means. Our in-home hospice visiting program will also be impacted as our volunteers and clients well-being is our priority.


We will continue to make serving those in need, our priority. 


Please note that during this time we will be limiting access to the Hospice Vaughan facility, located at 31 Woodbridge Ave. For the safety of our clients, volunteers, staff, and community we are implementing a rotating in-office schedule and shifting to have staff work remotely. During this time, there will be limited staff in the office. Should you need to visit the Hospice Vaughan facility please contact the main line between 9:00AM and 5:30PM at 905-850-6266 to ensure the appropriate staff member is available to assist you. During this time staff can be reached at the following emails:



Wendy Graham (Manager of Client Services) –

Sean Gedney (Clinical Social Worker) –

Daniela Sinisi (Manager of Volunteer Services) –

Rachel Dioquino (Community Health Navigator) –



Belinda Marchese (Executive Director) –

Diane Presta-Pereira (Events and Donations) –



Should you schedule an appointment with any of the staff above, or come to the facility please note screening is in full effect. 

 Effective immediately any and all individuals – staff, volunteers and clients/families, entering the Hospice Vaughan facility at 31 Woodbridge Ave will require screening upon entering. If this is not possible, we will kindly ask you to not enter the building. Should you be experiencing any cold/flu-like symptoms or are unwell, we respectfully ask you to stay home. Also, if you have returned from travel outside of Canada within the last 14 days we request that you self-isolate corresponding to the recommendations of Public Health Canada.

 We will continue to provide updates and additional information to keep you informed while also regularly assessing our own operations. Where the health of our clients, team, and community requires, we will take more assertive actions to adjust, limit, or postpone services. If at any point during this challenging time your services become interrupted we apologize and thank you in advance for your understanding.


– The front door of Hospice Vaughan, 31 Woodbridge Ave will remain locked until further notice. Any visitors will have to Buzz and will be screened prior to entering. 

– All staff and volunteers who are actively on the premises of the Hospice Vaughan facility, returning from travel outside of Canada will need to self isolate for 14 days and remain asymptomatic prior to coming back to Hospice Vaughan. 

– Any onsite groups, meetings, or services will be temporarily postponed. Clients in need of services will be contacted by Hospice Vaughan staff to arrange an alternate method for service. 

– In home visiting hospices services will be impacted. We will work daily to support all of our community health partners and our shared clients and will continue to support those in need. 

– The Hospice Vaughan facility will have limited staff during this time, as we will shift towards remote work for the health and safety of our team. Please contact the main office line at 905-850-6266 for more information, or contact a staff member as listed above.