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Advance Care Planning is a process of thinking about and sharing your wishes for future health and personal care. It can help you tell others what would be important if you were ill and unable to communicate.

Hospice Palliative Care Ontario

What is Hospice Palliative Care? This section has information describing hospice palliative care, where you can find services and other general information.

The Pleural Mesothelioma Center provides free information about the disease, resources and support to help you understand, fight and overcome mesothelioma.

Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association

Canada’s official source for professionals and the general public for information about hospice and palliative care.

Kids Grief is a free online resource that helps parents support their children when someone in their life is dying or has died.


Government of Canada

Federal/Provincial/Territorial Ministers Responsible for Seniors Forum is an intergovernmental body established to share information, discuss new and emerging issues related to seniors, and work collaboratively on key projects.


Palliative care news, views and inspiration from around the world.

Virtual Hospice

The Canadian Virtual Hospice provides support and personalized information about palliative and end-of-life care to patients, family members, healthcare providers, researchers and educators.